The Steakhouse of the Middle South

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The History of Our Beef

Cherokee Steak House and Marina – The Steak House of the South

On the grain-rich farms of the Midwest, the Earth’s greatest concentration of beef cattle is fed and fattened. Famed for its flavor and tenderness, corn-fed beef from the Midwest long has been the standard by which beef is judged.

Iowa Beef Packers buys their cattle directly at Midwestern farm feed lots and slaughter them within hours at nearby satellite plants to assure outstanding quality. Long periods of holding and transportation that produce shrinkage, bruising and toughness are completely eliminated. Each day experts carefully hand select superior carcasses from the huge IBP coolers to be broken for our use. Only government-graded, choice and prime carcasses are considered. Final selection is made on the bases of fat cover, meat texture, marbling, uniformity, and cutability.

There is only one objective: To provide you with the finest beef possible.

We serve the world’s finest beef when we choose the products of Iowa Beef Packers, the nation’s largest producer of corn-fed beef. Each carcass broken by IBP for your use is individually selected from thousands available each day. Only the very best are fabricated into restaurant-ready cuts.

Finally IBP vacuum packs each cut and ships it in strong, protective cases. We received it properly aged and full of flavor – yet as moist as the day it was cut. NO other hands touch it from the moment it is packed until we ourselves break the seal.

Our motto is: “You can whip our cream, but you cannot beat our meat!”